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Cooperation with some of our airline partners working with the Air Black Box Team

Cooperation with some of our airline partners working on Air Black Box

You have the travel technology idea that you believe will change the way we think about travel. You are probably right. But chances are that if you do not understand the in and outs of the industry or you do not have access to travel data, the idea will unfortunately grow to a beautiful investor presentation and mature into an outstanding demo that will remain in the history as a could-have-been.

We are here to change that. Do not waste time in endless trial-end-error, while somebody else builds a similar idea faster than you. Access to data, mentors, and potential funding can propel your startup into a company and your idea into a product, if you join VaultPAD.

Over the years, we have been formally and informally advising people just like yourself and your team and while we cannot possibly promise that your startup will be the next Expedia, we can at least help you structure your thoughts, match you with the relevant industry professionals for advice and provide you with access to crucial industry data to get you started.

This is hard work. But there is a lot of luck. Let us just make it a little less random and risky.

Send us a note at Let’s talk.

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